Young Women In Stress

Women between the ages of 22 and 27 have reached a crucial turning point in their lives. It is at this point where they feel that they have been put under enormous pressure, pressure of society and leading a fulfilling life, both in their careers and relationships.

For years women have struggled to gain the same kind of freedoms and advantages that men have, in relationships, careers and society. Maybe because of this, women are placed in a position where they believe that they must push themselves to their limit in order to achieve the life they want. Back then, women only had to worry about getting married and having children, now they have to think about what type of career will offer them a comfortable life, enabling them to support their family, children and in some cases, their spouse, and in this they need to also balance their social life.

Statistics carried out recently showed that women in the age range of 22 to 27, 32% of them binge drink at least once a month.

22% of them smoke cigarettes at least twice week.

Further more, 7% think that life was not worth living, and 3% deliberately hurt themselves or others.

Another study involving 40,000 women revealed that most 25 year olds are living close to the edge of a nervous breakdown.

It is shown, that women in the age range of 22-27 are in the middle of a major health crisis. Studies have shown increasing health problems relating to heart diseases. breast cancer and diabetes. These could all be caused by low self esteem, depression or stress or even a combination of the three.

In the case of women with their mothering nature, friends and family prove to be a high stress factor, with relationships, money and work being the leading factors.

The most difficult is finding a balance between work, family and upholding an adequate social life.

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