Abuse Counselling For Women

No one is given the right to hurt other people, even if they are family members or not. In some culture, hurting such as spanking and such is a form of discipline for children. However, if it becomes severe and a habit this could lead to a form of abusive behavior. And when this happens, it is better to stay away from the people who are constantly doing it to you.

There are different types of abuse known today. The most common one is the physical abuse. The usual reports that deal with this are between parents and children or guardians to children, husband to wife or vice versa and bullying. The other form is through words. This is called the verbal abuse or the emotional abuse. And the other one is the sexual abuse.

Men and women are capable of receiving this kind of treatment from other people. However, in the recent records most of the victims are women. They are either hurt or abused by their spouse or other individuals physically, sexually and verbally.

To protect women against these people, there are laws and parties that protect women against violation. Women rights were established. So, as a woman whenever you feel like you are abused by your lover or partner, father, brother or others don’t hesitate to ask for supports. There are counsellors that offer counselling women who had a past and present case of abusing.

Counselling women includes a hundred percent privacy. No names will be given to others and no other details will come out too. This is to protect these women from further harassments. Victims will be place in a safe place for them to think and start anew. They don’t judge, they just listen and heal their broken souls.

What else can expect in counselling women session? If the victim is embarrass to face other people they can start with a one to one or face to face counselling until they are comfortable enough to mingle with other women. They support various woman rights groups that share the same visions and missions. They plan everything safety ahead of time. Seminars will be conducted to divert their attention as they start to cope up with their new life, counsellors will provide workshops and other form of activities.
Talking with counsellors is a very necessary process, why? Because every woman will feel rejected, dejected and look themselves down. They have this feeling of insecurity and embarrassment. So meeting with new people might hard for them. It would also be hard for them to trust once again. And in worst cases, they will blame themselves for what happen to them even if it is not really their faults.
Most of these incidents were associated with suicidal tendencies and the physical body will begin to deteriorate as well as their mental capabilities. With counselling women and with the guidance they received from people recovery is possible and positive. Not all women are strong most of them are fragile that is why, they should be cared and treasured.

Empowerment and Healing through Counselling Women