Relationship Counselling: Knowing and Overcoming Common Problems

Nowadays, plenty of individuals are experiencing strain in their marital relationship few moments after they get married. This could be associated to a wide range of factors, but most of the problem is rooted on self-righteousness or known as ego. Most people suffer in this situation, not only those individuals who are in the relationship but those who are also involved as well. There are many ways to resolve and alleviate marital problems, and one of these remedies is counselling. Relationship counselling can be a good way of entering into the bond and ensuring that both parties are supplemented spiritually, mentally, and psychologically. This is because the counselor can view a certain relationship from an unbiased standpoint. This can be true to all situations. However, relationship counselling is not a part of the marriage’s institution. That is why counselling is very important in every relationship for it to grow and strengthen. Unfortunately, couples only think of counselling when they incurred enough damage on their relationship.

There are common problems that most couples engage in. The first problem that couples usually encounter is that couple might no longer seem to talk to each other. Communication is one of the main issues that most relationships deal with. There are a number of reasons why they have problems with communication, it can be either both got tied up on the things that they have to do independently have been overlooked, or it can be due to work pressures and a limited quality time with children. One perfect solution to this problem is to allocate time to be with each other. Set a talk wherein each side has time to say how one feels while the other side listens without interrupting. With this, communication will be restored in the relationship.

Another problem that couples face is that one of the couple has had an affair. This can be the most distressing moments that can happen in any relationship. The one who has had the affair will most likely experience guilt, while the other one will be very mad, betrayed and hurt. This creates a situation wherein one is bending backwards to express that they are trustworthy, while the other feels that they are uncertain if it won’t happen again. In this circumstance, it is necessary to try to understand why the affair takes place first. If the couple cannot understand why things went wrong, then ensuring that it won’t happen again might be difficult to accomplish. Both sides should take responsibility in this problem. This could be a painful course to experience. However, the couple should surpass this problem so that trust can be built again.

Most relationships deal with arguements all the time. Continuous arguing and squabbling make the relationship a living nightmare. Though disagreements and conflicts are inevitable in all relationships, it can be a healthy medium in clearing out the atmosphere and an opportunity to patch things up. In dealing with argument, one should try to determine the main issues inside a relationship and try to talk about them.

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