Has The Flame Died? Get Relationship Counseling Now

Do you remember the old feeling when you had butterflies fluttering wildly about in your stomach when your girlfriend or boyfriend, who is now your lawfully wedded partner in life, passes by? Do you remember all the things you do just to get his/her attention, such as buying and wearing a wardrobe, getting a haircut, changing your perfume and giving him/her gifts even when there is no occasion?
After the courtship has ended, do you remember how it felt so good to finally hear the person say, “Yes, I love you too”? Do you remember how the first kiss between the two of you even begun? Do you remember bringing him home to Ma and Pa and introducing your special someone as the one you want to be with for the rest of your life? Do you remember buying a wedding ring or hosting a surprise engagement party and asking him/her to finally marry you?

And you did get married. It may seem now that the fairy tale has ended and the real life has started.  For many unhappy couples, marriage is the end of romance. You may wonder now if all the “I do’s killed the flame of passion in your relationship. Do not forget that the two of you promised to be together “for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health” until death do you part. Considering the rate of divorce in America, which DivorceRate.org reports to be close to 50 percent, death does not even have to play the part to separate two wedded people.

Or you two may not even be married-- yet. Or do not even plan to get married because you may not believe in the sanctity of marriage anymore. However, all relationships are susceptible to break up, no matter what kind of love relationship you both have. No relationship lives in a vacuum and is shielded from both big and small fights. They are natural actually, and they even make your bond stronger especially if the problem has been resolved. But what if it was never resolved? This is where relationship counsellors come in.

Relationship counsellors patches up couples who may be experiencing a lack of interest in each other, tiredness in disagreeable behaviors that often leads a couple to fight, loss of passion in the bed, or turmoil between the relationship and the couple's respective careers.

Lack of interest in each other may be caused by knowing too much and finding nothing excited about each other anymore. Disagreeable behaviors, even small ones like not putting the toilet seat up or throwing the trash, may cause damage on a relationship over time. Not making love or not knowing how to make love in new ways may even kill the heat in a relationship. And remember Mr. and Mrs. Smith, whose flame between them was suddenly blown off by their careers? All these and more will be given solutions by a trusted therapist on the said aspect of counseling.