What to do when looking for a Career Counsellor?


Career Counseling – Finding a Career Counsellor

Career coaching has the same similar context with conventional counseling. But, the main focus of this is basically on career change, career exploration, individual career enhancement and other types of career related issues.  Generally, people who ask for career counselling or job coaching know specifically what they want throughout this course.
You can find a number of career guidance centers around the globe. These sessions are done by experts who help guide you on the possibilities, the nature of subjects and courses suited for you in order for you to have a stable and fulfilling job. These people are generally known as career counselors.
What are the functions and roles of career counselor?
The strategies and the techniques given by these counselors are specially tailored with the individuals needs.  It is expected that the counselor may do the following:

As a customer/client, you must ask your job counselor to give you a thorough details on his/her services, the fees, the time allocations and meetings, and a certified copy of one’s ethical guidelines.  Remember to choose a counselor who is proficiently trained and who gives out the correct details of the fees and allows you to pick or select the services that you like, upon your request.
Always remember that career counselling should be done by a skilled professional. Beware of services that guarantee you fast promotions, more money or successful resumes. Job issues are frequently very complex and involve a comprehensive approach from a job counselor, who has undergone extensive education, experience and training.  Always go for a counselor that is reputable in the business and who doesn’t make empty promises.
Once you have found your counselor, you might get confused and may have no idea on where and when to start. In order to have an effective counseling, here are some questions that you can ask your counselor: