Relationship Counselling: The Solution to Conflict

Relationships are very important in society.  Without relationships, there wouldn’t be any organizations, families, or friendships and socialization would remain to be just an unrecognized word.  To say that one is in a relationship, it does not just mean having a partner or being a couple.  It includes employee-employer relationships, friendships, and even simple interactions like that of a counsellor and the person being counselled.

Relationship counselling is the method in which two parties involved in a relationship are counselled to achieve peace and harmony.  The counsellor might be approached to give solution to the problem or the relationship might be referred to the counsellor by a concerned person.  Either way, this leads to resolution of conflict.

In every relationship, there would always be certain times where stress happens.   This stress can result from overwork or fatigue, insecurity, jealousy, arrogance, fear, financial problems, misunderstandings and many more.  Stress and disagreements are normal but if the two people are unable to settle their differences, it would be hard to bring back the relationship that they once had, and separation could be inevitable.

Relationship counselling is based on several principles and in the first session, the counsellor tries to inculcate these into the minds of individuals involved.  The first principle states that every individual has a unique personality which influences the way they talk, walk, and behave.  Each person grows up having different values from different sets of parents.  Their upbringing is different and so these influences the way they interact with others.  The second principle is that people are also influenced by society, religion, education, and more.  A person who grew up in the city might have different ways of treating a problem as compared to a person who live in a suburban town.  The same goes with their taste for food, clothing, and lifestyle.  What could be a joke to one person could mean an insult to another.   Thus, anybody who is insensitive to both verbal and nonverbal communication can really gain a lot from taking part of this type of counselling.

Unresolved conflict can damage a relationship and negative attitudes can prevent the formation of new ones.  This is not healthy anymore.  So this is where one can make use of relationship counselling.  Participating in one can help parties know what caused the conflict and what attitudes need to be changed to resolve it.  Of course, it is also important that parties get prepared by opening themselves to the things the counsellor will be teaching them.

The lessons one will gain through this counselling session can help manage the present conflict while also be useful in preventing new conflicts from forming.  Through this method, both parties learn about themselves, about each other, and about the relationship that they have.  The counsellor not just gives the information, he or she also learns from the session. 

Like other therapies, counselling is considered confidential.  Whatever transpires in the room stays in the room.  Change of character and attitudes pose a real challenge to both parties, but if they really want the relationship to work, they should do what it takes to make it happen.