Positive Inspirations

Suggestions for stress reduction

  1. Always be careful to be cheerful strive to be happy and positive.
  2. Take regular breaks from work if working at home
  3. Reduce stress by allowing the self more leisure time. Become more active by going for walks or getting involved in a sport.
  4. I lf being overweight creates stress try to consider that your body is simply the vehicle of your soul. Considering the self separate from the body will reduce the stress of being overweight and enable you to adopt a more positive outlook.
  5. Remember you can do what ever you wish if you have a benevolent attitude.
  6. If there has been a ongoing medical problem seek a second opinion form another Doctor or arrange a visit to a specialist.
  7. Seek help with any mental problem that persists, visit a counselor, psychologist, hypnotherapist.
  8. Be positive, light and happy: think it and you will become.