Online Counselling - Why is it the Most Preferred Option?

With the widespread use of the Internet there are services that are offered online instead of face to face. One such service is online counselling. There are a lot of counselors who do counseling via the internet like online calling, email, or online chat. Why is this most preferred option? What are the benefits of seeking for online help when it comes to counselling?

Although face to face counseling is still the best treatment option, certain factors prevent individuals from using this option. The fast pace of modern living and some personal reasons make individuals more comfortable in availing of online counselling.

Telephone, email, and online chat counseling provide the same level of support, effectiveness and confidentiality as a face to face counseling. Opting for counseling through online channels can even solve some of the difficulties present in a traditional face to face setting:

  1. Getting a counseling appointment can sometimes be difficult. Limitations in available schedules especially for working people can hinder one to seek counseling. The online option can offer more flexibility especially when available only at night and weekends.

  2. A counselor that offers mostly online services saves on overhead expenses. She does not need to have an office. She only needs a computer and an Internet connection. She can pass these savings to her clients and thus will be able to offer counseling at affordable rates.

    Most counseling services are pre-paid which means you need to pay ahead of your scheduled session. This is where choosing a reliable counselor comes in.

  3. There are some individuals who fear seeking counseling because of the stigma attached to it. It is still a common misconception that individuals seeking counseling are suffering from some kind of a mental illness. If your counseling is done online, you are anonymous. More importantly, you do not have to walk in corridors and fall in line in full view of everybody.

  4. You can get counseling from anywhere. Whether you are at home or somewhere else, you will be able to comfortable get counseling. The online method of counseling also does not limit the client in her choice of counselor. Even if her preferred counselor is miles away, they can still work together.

While telephone counseling has been used for decades, the Internet and the mobile phone have made more and more clients opt for this kind of counseling method.

How does online counselling exactly work? Go online and choose a counselor you feel is the best for your specific situation. If you want to make sure you can check her credentials and read some feedback on her from her previous clients.

When you have chosen a counselor, get in touch with her and set a convenient time for your virtual appointment. Make sure to check the payment system of the counselor. Most of them will have you make an advance payment for a specified minutes worth of counseling.

At the prescribed time get on the phone or log on to the pre-determined website or chat room. You and your counselor then are on your way to a productive counseling session.