How to Become a Counsellor

Working as a counsellor isn’t a simple career but a major decision one has to make. Ask yourself first if counselling is something you want to pursue. Are you qualified? What are the requirements and steps on how to become a counsellor? Are you willing to go for further study and training to become a counsellor? Nowadays, the role of counselling to help individuals to handle personal and emotional problems has been recognized. Counselling is a broad category but the basic principles of it are to help someone, couples, families or groups who have emotional or psychological problems.

Guide to Become a Counsellor

Where Do Counsellors Work?

Counsellors can work in many places. You can work in the government, private industry or in your own office. Most institutions hire counsellors and some of them are schools, hospitals (community or private), rehabilitation, mental health institutions, religious sectors, and private companies. The salaries of counsellors depend on his education, training or years of experience, location and his specialization. But they are considered as one of the highest paid professionals.

How to become a counsellor starts within you. If you like listening to other people’s problem and solve issues from time to time, counselling is for you. But if you are over the salary alone, think it over. You must have the qualities to become a good counsellor and you can work to make someone’s life better. The field of counselling is growing.  If you are really interested to be of service, make your way to become a counsellor. Study about your options and determine whether the counselling career is really for you. Do more research and learn more information about it.