MYTHS about Depression

FACTS about Depression: Symptoms

Depression is a response to a negative life situation. It is caused by a major truama in a persons life. Depression can even occur when life is going well. Depression can be caused by adverse events in life, but not always. Depression may also be associated with internal factors such as a chemical imbalance or changes in the brain.
If you cant just get over it , it means you are weak. Depression doesn't mean you have a weak character. It can be actually a medical condition like gout .
It is better to just work it out on your own. If you are suffering from depression it is important to seek help as without help it may continue for years.
Only those with suicidal thoughts need antidepressant medicines. Antidepressants may help people who are depressed feel better, even if they do not have suicidal thoughts.
Medication is the only answer for depression. many individuals can be cured using positive thought suggestions and creative visualizations or meditation but some do need medications.

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