Anxiety Depression

In a world of competition and strife, we are often plagued with problems, stress, and anxiety. Experiencing anxiety when faced with a challenging situation, deadline in work, personal problems, and others is normal. However, when this anxiety intensifies, it causes numerous personal and social problems, finally leading to what can be termed as ‘Anxiety Depression’, which includes a state of heightened depression with anxiety symptoms.

The roots of Depression in most instances have been traced down to a single causal factor—profound and intensified anxiety. Anxiety is also one of the main symptoms of Clinical Depression.

Research reveals that Anxiety Depression occurs when both anxiety and depression co-exist together in an individual’s psyche. Almost all highly depressed people suffer from an acute and high degree of anxiety in their lives.

Anxiety is a manifestation of physiological disorder which when mingled with depression causes severe damage to individuals who require proper treatment.  

Two types of depression such as agitated depression and akathitic depression are also instances which manifest the binding presence of anxiety with depression. While agitated depression is characterised mainly by severe anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and a general feeling of panic and dread, akathitic depression is marked by severe anxiety and suicidal tendencies, excluding the sense of panic. 

Hypomania is a particular type of depression which presents an excellent case of the co-existence of acute anxiety and depression. It reflects a state of mind which is characterised by mania and profound anxiety. Individuals suffering from Hypomania often have generalised or specific anxiety about things and people. Besides, the individual also experiences bouts of panic attacks, sleep disorders, impulsivity, and others.

Even presence of mild anxiety symptoms has serious consequences during the course of depression in individuals. Anxiety Depression should also be diagnosed and treated accordingly to avoid it from worsening and ruining our lives.