Counselling and Stress Management Techniques

Learn effective techniques to change your state of mind.

We cant change the past but we can learn from our past mistakes so as to not repeat them. We can also learn to train the mind not to remember a past negative event and to focus on the positive events in our lives.

What is Stress?

Stress is the result of placing undue expectation or desire upon our self or others.This stress leads to a variety of dis-ease with the mind and body. We also tend to increase our stress levels by remembering a negative event from the past over and over again, thereby re-living the negative emotion associated with that past event.

Stress is a individual reaction to demands from the self or from other individuals. The mind causes tension due to the inability of a person to deal effectively with these expectations A counsellor enables the individual to identify these internal expectations and thus reduce or avoid the pressure overload which manifests. We are unable to see our thoughts clearly and it is only when we experience the external adverse effect of built up pressure in the form of anger or stress that we can appreciate the need for change. A trained counsellor will help the person develop strategies to overcome their inability to think positive in a adverse environment.


Nowadays, people are more focused in establishing a more concrete lifestyle. They do everything they can do to make their lives more stable. And in order for them to finally achieve their goals, they always push themselves up to their limits. That’s what people do. When it comes to pushing their limits to the edge, they often disregard the negative sides of their lives.  That is why it is normal for everyone to somehow experience and encounter stressful events and situations along the way and in some cases most of the time.

Stress is acquired in various ways.  A person who failed to respond to physical, mental or even emotional aspects of their being is said to experience stress. Mostly, it might be due to the environment, people, pressure or too much of something such as work. In everything that we do, it is said that we should have at least the equivalent amount of time for our self. This adequate time is where one can enjoy a hobby or something that can be relaxing. By enjoying themselves, they are also reducing stress attack.

Sometimes, this problem hinders the most important thing that you used to do. This hinders you to improve your true abilities in regards with works or other activities. If you feel like something isn’t right, and you know, you can’t solve it by yourself. Isn’t it the right time to attend counselling sessions?
Once you determined within yourself that you need a help from a professional. Realizing that you want help is like opening your door for changes. This is better than being force to, and yet you are still in denial stage. There are various types of counsellors that often provide counselling to a person or a group of people.

Depending on the problem you have. You can choose from career, family, marriage, divorce and other types of counsellors.  If you are looking for a counsellor whom you can ask for counselling, it is good if they can provide different aids and assistant to you as their clients.

What are the things that you usually encounter while talking to a counsellor? There is nothing much, really. You only need to be more open and just be yourself. And there is nothing to worry about. Remember, they are there to help you and not to criticize you. Don’t be embarrassed about it, instead be proud because you are courageous enough to know that you are having difficulties that you can’t handle by yourself.

The counsellor will ask you some questions that will also help you to realize and see the main root or the seed of your dilemma. Together with you, they will pinpoint the most important matter and provide you the best options of answers.

Being stressed out extremely is not a good sight to behold. It is not wrong to help yourself, but it is not also incorrect if you ask a professional’s help and advice. You might solve it in a difficult manner while counsellors through counselling, there are easy approach for you to grab in. Don’t make your life miserable and stress out. Balancing activities and leisure is a must and avoid adding too much pressure on yourself.

Why A Counsellor Is A Life-Saver

A counsellor is generally a professional providing counsel and assistance to their client. Counselling is a very common yet challenging field which requires a lot of training, knowledge and skills. Counselling people may sound simple and easy but it is no piece of cake. The kind of counsel a professional provides for his client could either make him or break him. It is the delicate nature of the counselling job that standards and qualifications are high for those who want to pursue a career in this path less taken. There are myriads of fields in counselling which offer different approaches and methods.

Being a counselling professional is not an easy job. There are various fields in the world today where sound and effective counselling is called for. There are also different types of counsellors who offer varied techniques and methodology in their therapy sessions. Career counsellors for instance are those who help and counsel clients regarding job related matters. Some people find it really hard to make objective and sound decisions and this is where counselling therapists come in. Career counselling experts help clients such as in dealing with varied stress on their job. Counsellors who offer career advice help their clients in finding a job or setting their career goals and objectives. There are several factors which must be taken into consideration before making the right career move including the personality, background and educational level of the person.

A counsellor working for family and marital issues are oftentimes called family or marriage counsellors. These therapists deal with a lot of problems in the domestic setting. They also help clients deal with problems regarding relationships and commitment. Family and marriage counselling experts aim to make modifications in the perception and behaviour of their clients. They aim to help individuals and families cope with the different crises which may be threatening their foundation. Some of the known issues regarding family and marriage include bereavement to marital problems and domestic violence, depression and child to adolescent behavioural problems.

Health counsellors are equally important professionals in today’s world. Health counselling is developed as a method involving traditional and modern health care. Most health therapists offer nutrition updates and counselling to their clients. Some people need help especially in dealing with unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. The primary goal of a health counselling therapist is to assist their client through customizing their nutritional needs according to their body needs. There are also experts in health counselling who provide health coaching through encouraging their clients to convert to a more positive lifestyle starting from health choices. People dealing with obesity or overweight problems are the common and major clientele for health counsellors.

There are a lot more industries seeking for counselling professionals in the contemporary world. The world today is indeed dealing with a lot of stress and pressure which could eventually lead an individual to have a breakdown. With the help of a counsellor, people who seem to be knocked out from the difficulties of life are given a hand and effective assistance.

What Licensed Counsellors Do